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We have been blending all our Steel & Aluminium and Wood technology according to the needs of client.

In the past years we have completed many projects with exceptional results. We did not reserve this ability for ourselves only. We have been a part of many big projects where we felt we could be the solution to improve the general understanding of Yacht Building.


Steel is the main material in yacht building. Steel material is very durable and has resistance to several sea conditions.

Also Aluminium has been a choice of material to marine industry since late 1930’s. The lightweight to physical strength ratio is appreciated in every branch of industry.


As wood is the essential part of building a superyacht, we have been investing continuously into this matter. We keep our stocks of veneer and massive wood including teak for deck and search for the best material in the market to accomplish a perfect result.


Fiducia International’s new established Joinery and Furniture Workshop has an indoor production area of 1000m2 including an indoor paints and varnishing area of 150m2.

The furniture production techniques have been developed at Fiducia International to achieve the highest superyacht standards. High-quality manufacturing is ensured by the use of high– strength marine panels and carcass systems.

Together these resources give Fiducia International the ability to create every element of a yacht’s hull, interior and exterior made of or constructed in wood, including highly artistic items such as inlaid tables and carved detailing.

Interior Production Methodology

We pay special attention to the respect of the weight of materials, equipment and systems. All indicated thickness, as well as all material and equipment specifications observe with regard to weight.

We ensure that the accommodation joinery shall be in no way stressed by flexing of the hull structure. We apply the floating floor, floating wall and floating ceiling systems on board to eliminate the vibration on board.

We generally prefer to build a full size mock-up for each project, this means we can focus on building perfect furniture while the rest of the project can efficiently progress, in parallel, until it is ready for furniture assembly and/or final fit-out. We find this production method offers most projects greater efficiency and significant time savings.


One of our priority is to apply human engineering principles into the design phase and construction.

Our mechanic technology has a capacity of 500 sqm engine refit area.

In our mechanic workshop various kinds of propeller, shaft driven systems, engine mounting connection systems, flexible couplings, shaft bearings etc. can be provided, manufactured and installed.

Some of our other abilities :


Our company specialises in an ultra-high gloss spray technique which gives a superior, extremely hard wearing and durable finish to any project. We are able to advise on the very latest products, finishes and styles to suit any budget or requirements.

In our quest for perfection in every aspect of our work, we use the latest technological developments helping us to improve on the very high standard of workmanship our clients demand. Our methods have been perfected over time; using glass leaf, rust stabilising substrate primers and a base and clear top coat system.

We achieve a much better depth of colour, higher gloss levels and UV protection, thus giving longevity to the finished product.